About me

Everything started with an idea of becoming a potter. The first moves on the pottery wheel I learned while attending the School for design and photography. In Komenda, a town with a strong pottery tradition, I learned how to make ceramics from molding a lump of clay, drying, baking, glazing, all the way to the finished product. I founded my own company in 1995 and ever since, I have been creating in my workshop, at home in Mengeš.

My works encompass household and decorative ceramics, tile mosaics and individual artistic pieces of ceramics. Aside from throwing on a pottery wheel, I cast liquid clay into plaster moulds, roll the clay or make sculptures. They go back to the traditional shapes, which mimic the ancient crockery, to the copyrighted individual pieces.

Ceramics, which by definition is the fired clay, continues to inspire me despite the unpredictability of the final product, and due to the countless design options. 



Handmade clay products


Handmade products from different materials


Labyrinth shapes, power patterns formed in clay


Handmade stoneware

unikatna keramična krogla Svet poln mask, pottery art, umetniška keramika