Stoneware is clay fired on a much higher temperature than ceramics. Thus not all kinds of clay are suitable for stoneware. This makes such pottery of a higher quality, less porous and less affected by external factors. Stoneware is classified under ceramics and porcelain. Pottery that falls under category of stoneware is made out of such clay. I shape them on pottery spindle with malleable clay on some products, while I use slip casting molds for liquified clay on others. I use different coloured clay for them. The first fire is set at 980°C. What follows is glazing and another fire set at a temperature between 1220°C and 1260°C, depending on the glaze. All stoneware dinnerware is glazed with a glaze that is safe for food (enclosed are the certificates). Then the product is finished. Some finished pottery gets additional enhancement of certain details with real gold or silver, which I apply on the glaze and then fire the third time, at the temperature of 800°C.