Ceramics is fired clay. The items on these pages, which fall under category of ceramics are all made of clay. They are shaped by different techniques. I use malleable clay to spin it on pottery spindle, and liquified clay to pour it into plaster molds. I use different coloured clay, and even clay with various degrees of granulation from added grog, depending on the purpose of the final product. All slip casting molds are handmade. After drying, the designed products are fired in an electric kiln at 980°C. What follows is colouring and glazing with different materials, specifically made to colour ceramics. All ceramic dinnerware is glazed with a glaze that is safe for food (enclosed are the certificates). Processed products are then fired again at a temperature between 1020°C and 1050°C, depending on which material has been used. After that the pottery is finished and ready to use.