General terms and conditions

Company information:
Zajc Polona s.p.
Muljava 3, 1234 Mengeš, Slovenija
Tax number: SI64347354
Registration number: 5493904000
SKD: C23.410
Taxpayer: No
Tel: 031-500-054

General terms and conditions determine the work of the Zajc Polona s.p. online shop (hereinafter »the shop«), the rights and obligations of the user and the shop, govern the business relationship between Zajc Polona s.p. and the buyer, and determine the individual rules of buying items listed in the online shop. The general terms of the online shop are made in concordance with Consumer Protection Law, Personal Data Protection Act and Law on Electronic Communications. 

Prices of the made items are the same for a natural person as for a legal entity. The price of the individual item is listed at the each item seperately. Depending on the weight of the product, there will be a direct link next to the photo that leads to the table with the postal charge for different countries (delivery service: Post of Slovenia), where you will be able to calculate the postal charge for the order.
Method of payment is pro forma invoice. You make the payment based on the pro forma invoice, which you recieve via email. After the payment has been made, you send me the confirmation of payment on the email address and I send you the ordered items via post. The original invoice will be a part of the sent package.

Payment details:
Zajc Polona
Muljava 3
1234 Mengeš

The shipment of goods is done on the same or the next (working) day for the items in store. For the items that are custom-made the delivery period is determined individually. The ordered items can be acquired in person at the address, where the company is based - Zajc Polona s.p. Muljava 3, 1234 Mengeš, by prior arrangement.

Pravica do vračila izdelka je kupcem zagotovljena po Zakonu o varstvu potrošnikov (43. člen), in sicer imajo kupci pravico do vračila kupljenega izdelka v štirinajstih dneh, brez navedenega razloga. V primeru, da prejmete poškodovan izdelek se prosim obrnite direktno na mene preko elektronske pošte: ali po telefonu: 031-500-054.

Personal data protection is ensured by Personal Data Protection Act.

Your personal information is gathered to process the payment. All the personal data is carefully secured and will not be forwarded to any unauthorised person. Personal data is stored as long as necessary to reach the goal for which the data was gathered. After the data is processed, your personal information will be deleted.

Each product found on the website is made in my workshop, based on my own ideas. The products are created by hand through different techniques. You will find details about that next to each specific item. High quality materials are used at work, which I fire at adequate temperatures. The producer's instructions are followed. The products, which are purposed get in contact with food, have an additional certificate that states all the used materials. The tracibility of the product is thus provided.

I can make a special custom made product by prior arrangement, if you are unable to find one for you within the shown products. Each product is unique. There is a number of mades pieces listed at every product. If you would need several identical items that can be made possible by prior arrangement.